Privacy Policy

Return product replacement

You can return the product you bought and request a change, with a product of equal value to the price you have already paid or with another higher value, if you wish, by paying the additional price. Return shipping must be made within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product. In this case you will be charged with the shipping cost only of the return of the products.

The change process is done by electronic or telephone communication with us.

You must send the product in perfect condition in which you received it. Without removing the special markings and labels as well as the retail receipt that accompanies the product.

For the re-shipment of the products you have chosen, you will be charged with shipping costs of three (3) Euros.

If you want to make a change for the second time in the same market then you are charged with all shipping.

Return defective products

Our company guarantees that all our products are free from construction or real defects.

However, in the event that products of defective quality are sold or damaged during transport, then we assume the responsibility of replacement as well as the cost of return and resending , if this is declared within 7 days of receipt.